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Hello! My name is Diego Pisani, also known as Luidiblu.

From my youngest days, I've always been curious about technology, with a special eye on cybersecurity. Back when I was seven and in elementary school, I managed to get into the school's computer system. It was just for fun—I wanted to see if I could do it, and I did, even tweaking my own grades.

Leaving high school, I saw that universities here in Brazil didn't really teach the latest in tech, so I went searching for a place that did. That's when I found the Le Wagon bootcamp. I worked hard there, got to the top of my class, and right after finishing, I got the chance to join the team as a teacher.

As I continued on my teaching journey, I noticed something missing in the cybersecurity space: a community that was welcoming to newcomers. The ones that existed at the time felt too unwelcoming for those just starting out. That's why I and some friends, founded Boitatech—a cybersecurity community where people could learn and grow in a supportive environment. It started small, but today, Boitatech boasts over 4500 members, a testament to the need for a friendly community in cybersecurity.

These aren't just hobbies; they're key to making sure things stay safe online.

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